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Fox Factory Super Truck

To ensure the most seamless and reliable connection between the in-cab controls and the Live Valve units, Fox knew they’d need a unique solution. Having previously engaged with Virscient’s embedded engineering services, Fox asked Virscient to lead the integration of the suspension, vehicle dynamics, software and wireless connectivity.

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New York entrepreneur partners with Virscient.
Priti Moudgill dreamed of injecting style into wireless audio technology. The earrings she envisaged would include solid audio quality and top Bluetooth connectivity, all while being discreet and practical…

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Airsuite environmental monitoring


AirSuite, a trusted provider for New Zealand’s Ministry of Education was commissioned to develop a system that would help them monitor and improve the learning environment for New Zealand’s children.

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Wireless, waterproof earphones with impeccable sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity – held in place by a magnetic clip to withstand sweat and rigorous activity like mountain biking, CrossFit, and more.

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Boosted Electric Skateboards

The first-generation Boosted Board had been well-received by the market but Boosted were driven to do better. We helped them address link latency, robust security and interferer tolerance and added new features at the same time…

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