Find My for Audio

We made Apple Find My work
for personal and portable audio devices

Audio device manufacturers can now add Find My integration, allowing end users 
to quickly and easily track and find their valuable assets.

SoundTrack™ – New functionality for personal and portable audio devices

For customers, losing their valuable headphones, earbuds, or portable speaker is irritating and costly. Access to Apple’s massive global network of over a billion devices may hold the key to finding these again.

SoundTrack – a new software solution by Virscient allows audio device manufacturers to give their customers peace of mind by offering lost-device location tracking via the Apple Find My app.

SoundTrack is an approved reference implementation for the Apple Find My network. It is especially designed for use in headsets, headphones, earbuds and other portable audio devices. This licensable software component makes it easy for audio OEMs and ODMs to add Apple Find My network support to their new (and in some cases, existing) products.

SoundTrack includes full support for lost device discovery and tracking, seamless user pairing, over-the-air firmware updates, and unwanted tracking prevention.

Find My - for personal
and portable audio

The Apple Find My network provides an easy, secure way to locate compatible personal items. Customers can use the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or using the Find Items app on Apple Watch. Find My requires iOS 14.5, iPad OS 14.5, Mac OS Big Sur 11.1, and watchOS 8.0 or later.  The Find My network accessory program enables third-party companies to build asset-tracking capabilities into their products, letting users access Apple’s Find My app to locate and keep track of important items, even when they’re not nearby.

The Find My network is anonymous and uses advanced encryption.  No-one else – not even Apple, Virscient, or partner audio accessory manufacturers – can view the location of lost items.

SoundTrack targets the latest ADKs and chipsets on the Bluetooth audio System-on-Chips range, including the QCC517x, QCC518x, QCC307x, and QCC308x series chipsets. 

SoundTrack – exclusive to Virscient:

SoundTrack is the result of a collaboration with market leaders Qualcomm to bring Apple Find My to their broad range of S3, S5, and S7 Bluetooth Audio SoCs.   

SoundTrack offers:

  • Full Find My accessory implementation
  • Integration with Qualcomm Bluetooth platform
  • Integration with the ADK libraries to manage alerts and user experience
  • Unwanted tracking included
  • Production line provisioning
  • Low power consumption
  • Low flash and memory usage
  • Easy to integrate with minimal changes.
  • Supports QCC517x, QCC307x, QCC518x, and QCC308x chipsets
  • Supports ADK versions 22.3 and upcoming 22.4

Why Choose SoundTrack?

  • Valuable differentiation for your end users
  • Premium positioning for your brand
  • Competitive advantage for first mover / early adopter
  • No additional hardware components required
  • Exclusivity – SoundTrack is the only way to add Apple Find My integration directly to an audio device
  • Ability to market your product with “Works with Apple Find My”

Using SoundTrack for your new product

Complete the form below to learn more about how SoundTrack can be added to your existing production line with minimal disruption. If we agree that SoundTrack is right for your brand, we’ll issue an evaluation license for you to test with your own Qualcomm reference board and provide the necessary documentation for you to move forward.

Apple Certification

SoundTrack is a pre-certified reference implementation for Apple Find My. You’ll need to be an Apple MFi licensee, and your product will need to be product-certified separately by Apple before release.

Integration support

SoundTrack is designed for easy integration, but if you do require further help, Virscient’s team of software, hardware and application engineers are available to support you from concept to release.

Lost Earbuds


Ready to add Apple Find My to your personal and portable audio products? 

Let’s make it work!

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