We made
cellular connectivity
work for AirSuite.

Wireless environment monitoring system for the education sector.

AirSuite, a trusted provider for New Zealand’s Ministry of Education was commissioned to develop a system that would help them monitor and improve the learning environment for New Zealand’s children.  They were asked to create battery-operated environment sensors with screens, in order to monitor key environmental factors including CO2 levels in classrooms. Despite AirSuite’s significant technical resources, they didn’t have the hardware capabilities to make this project happen alone.

These next-gen monitors needed to feature:

  • An improved device, including a display panel
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Environment Monitoring of key factors including temperature and CO2 levels
  • An increased scale of production for schools nationwide
  • A lightweight design
  • Both cellular & battery operations
  • Minimum three-year battery life
  • Done within budget, scope and timeframe

Here’s how Virscient helped AirSuite go above and beyond – delivering the specifications ahead of schedule, all while assuring attainment of AirSuite’s strategic goals and delighting their end user. 

Airsuite monitor

Circuit board design

Virscient designed what the circuit board would look like, how it would work, and the placement of the various electrical components and sensors. It had to balance the need for additional features from AirSuite’s earlier range, whilst incorporating a longer life span, lightweight design, and general cost-effectiveness. AirSuite’s software experts regularly met with Virscient’s hardware division and third-party industrial designers to collaborate, making sure the circuit board was compatible with the brief.

“In the past, the AirSuite monitors connected to the mains power with a small capacity backup battery. Now they must stand alone for three years – we needed to design for that.”

– Peter, AirSuite CEO

Project management & guidance

On top of designing and developing the hardware, Virscient provided project management expertise to bring the various workflow streams and third parties together. This meant engaging third parties on AirSuite’s behalf, managing a lot of the relationship with the overseas manufacturers, and ensuring materials and prototypes were supplied on time.

AirSuite Product Designer, Michael reports, “The easy nature of being able to go back and forwards, especially with testing and prototyping meant we could go and see them, and they’d make improvements. Without [Virscient’s] expertise…we wouldn’t have been able to get the project across the line.” 

Airsuite for commercial

Halving the turnaround time

AirSuite’s contract required tight timeframes which meant activities had to be done in parallel with one another, rather than focusing on one area at a time. Because Virscient opts for smarter solutions over easier ones, Peter described the experience of working with Virscient as customer-focused and commented that you don’t always get that same detailed focus with other technical companies. effectiveness. AirSuite’s software experts regularly met with Virscient’s hardware division and third-party industrial designers to collaborate, making sure the circuit board was compatible with the brief.

“If we had followed the approach we’ve used in the past, you’re talking maybe 10 months to complete…Virscient played a phenomenal role in halving our turnaround time. They also have a strong understanding of the end user experience”

– Peter, AirSuite CEO


Airsuite technology in action


Virscient has boosted AirSuite’s ability to reach even more customers. Though the original brief was for New Zealand’s education sector, this new device (called AirSuite Glance) can now be taken offshore and outside of education to improve the conditions of other indoor environments. And, due to the resounding success of the project, AirSuite can adopt the same approach with future projects enabling them to access more commercial opportunities.  

“[Virscient]… has given us the confidence to go to a customer with a concept [knowing] that we can design it, test it, make it, and then sell it to that customer in a condensed period of time.” 

– Peter, AirSuite CEO

AIrsuite classroom monitor

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