Embedded Software

We design and develop robust, compact, and secure embedded software systems for wireless and connected products.

Software lies at the heart of all modern electronic systems, and plays an especially critical role in products involving wired or wireless connectivity.

Embedded software systems are inherently coupled with the hardware platform on which they run, and shouldn’t be considered in isolation.

Our Approach

At Virscient, we take a systems-engineering view of embedded software systems. In doing so, we are able to identify and implement solutions that not only meet the functional requirements, but also optimise for aspects such as power consumption and electronic bill of materials.

Software engineering is a challenging discipline that requires a structured approach from specification through development and validation. Virscient has rigorous processes and streamlined systems to ensure predictable delivery of robust solutions. Our in-house issue tracking, continuous integration, and automated unit/regression test systems help us to ensure efficient development of production-quality software in projects of any size.

Our work

We’ve successfully built embedded software systems of varying complexities on a wide range of embedded platforms. We’ve used Linux, Windows Embedded, Wind River VxWorks, various compact real-time operating systems, and bespoke “bare metal” environments. Our experience spans digital signal processing, live calibration algorithms for RF and mixed-signal circuitry, communications protocols and stacks, device drivers, and development of board support packages. We have strong experience with a number of transceivers from leading vendors.

Here are just some examples of how we’ve made embedded software work for our clients.

We made
Bluetooth Audio
work for Earshots using Qualcomm QCC5141

Earshots asked us to help them deliver a high-quality true wireless stereo (TWS) earbud experience for triathletes, multi-sporters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We developed a low-power embedded solution that meets the punishing demands of outdoor use, delivers great audio quality, and offers more than 10 hours battery life.


Talk to us about what it would take to make embedded software work for you.

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