We make
Qualcomm Chips
work in wireless products

We help innovative product companies integrate Qualcomm connectivity solutions

As Qualcomm Design Partners, we support protocol and component selection, PCB design and transceiver integration (chip-on-board or module) driver porting or development. We also provide expertise around embedded application software development, RF optimisation, antenna design, system validation, and interoperability and regulatory certification.

Virscient works with your product development team, to turn your embryonic product ideas into defined requirements which are then drawn up into technical specifications including componentry recommendations.  We then collaborate with you to execute against those specifications to develop a working prototype – and can also assist you with certification and production advice.

Virscient is an approved Software Provider and member of the Qualcomm Advantage Network.

Case studies

Discover how, as Qualcomm authorized design partners, we’ve used Qualcomm silicon to deliver innovative products for our clients

We made
Bluetooth Audio
work for Earshots using Qualcomm QCC5141

Earshots asked us to help them deliver a high-quality true wireless stereo (TWS) earbud experience for triathletes, multi-sporters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Using Qualcomm’s QCC5141 low-power Bluetooth Audio SoC, we developed compact and robust hardware and the associated embedded software to provide a tailored user experience suitable for the rigours of outdoor sports.