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With over 20 years’ experience building and delivering connected products to market, we know what “best-in-class” really means. We partner for success, and forge lasting relationships that give our clients competitive advantage.


We design game-changing products using Qualcomm's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Snapdragon platforms

Qualcomm Partners.

Qualcomm trust us to deliver for customers using QCC5xxx and QCC3xxx Bluetooth Audio chips for headphones, earbuds, speakers, and other applications.

We have a suite of licensable software components and hardware reference designs. These can help to accelerate the path to market for OEMs looking to deliver high-value differentiated connected audio products.

We also provide hardware and software integration services for compute and connectivity platforms using the Snapdragon mobile computing, AI, and computer vision SoCs.


We create advanced telematics solutions using STMicroelectronics' Telemaco3P SoC

STMicroelectronics trust us to build vehicular solutions using their power-efficient Telemaco3P automotive telematics and connectivity microprocessors.

We can support development targeting both secure and non-secure software domains, as well as PCB-level hardware integration for the vehicle environment.

We also leverage the STM32 family of Arm Cortex-M 32-bit microcontrollers to deliver Ubiquios-based connectivity solutions for a wide range of IoT applications.


We build highly-integrated IoT solutions using Infineon's AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo ICs

Infineon trust us to perform chip-down or modular integration of their best-in-class AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transceivers, for low-power or high-performance applications.

We can develop, tune, and certify custom RF front-ends to meet application performance needs, and support software integration and driver porting across Linux, Android, or RTOS platforms.

Our licensable Ubiquios™ embedded Wi-Fi/Bluetooth host stack provides the most compact solution available to allow use of Infineon transceivers with RTOS and bare metal MCU platforms in less than 128 kB Flash and 32 kB RAM.


We deliver LPWAN connectivity for IoT using Semtech's LoRa and LoRaWAN technologies

Semtech trust us to design gateway- and device-end products that provide low-power, long-range connectivity using their LoRa transceivers and the broader LoRaWAN network infrastructure.

We’ve created hardware and software to deliver solutions for monitoring and sensing, geolocation, remote worker safety, and even audio communications using this technology, and can support all aspects of the product development lifecycle from ideation through prototyping to optimisation and certification.



As a preferred partner to Renesas, Virscient delivers firmware support for Renesas Bluetooth and Wi-Fi components.

Virscient’s partnership with Renesas will provide expert firmware support for Renesas’s customers around the world.

Virscient will deliver wireless solutions for Renesas MCU componentry, broadening the range of services we can offer, and enabling us to provide even more options for our customers, ensuring you’re able to access the most appropriate chip for your specific use-case.