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Embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stacks for MCUs

Ubiquios is a portable and compact collection of embedded protocol stacks that bring SoftMAC or FullMAC Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, and a full suite of upper layer protocols to low-power RTOS and bare metal MCU platforms.

Operating in as little as 100kB Flash and 32kB RAM, Ubiquios enables you to manage complexity, optimise BoM, and reduce power consumption in delivery of your IoT device. 

With broad support for chipsets from leading vendors such as Infineon, Qualcomm, Nordic, STMicroelectronics and others, Ubiquios makes your connectivity work with reduced development costs and time to market.

LiveOnAir™ - Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Audio

LiveOnAir by Virscient is a new ultra-low-latency digital wireless audio technology that enables transport of single- or multi-channel high definition audio with analogue-to-analogue latency tunable to less than 3 milliseconds.

Designed to meet the needs of professional live performance, LiveOnAir provides for audio sample bit widths up to 24-bit, and sample rates up to 96 kHz. With various narrow- and wide-band RF transceiver options, LiveOnAir can support short range (up to 10 metres or 30 feet) or long range (up to multiple kilometres/miles) applications in globally-available unlicensed spectrum.