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Embedded Software

We design and develop embedded software systems for wireless and connected products.

We design and develop robust, compact, and secure embedded software systems for wireless and connected products.

Software lies at the heart of all modern electronic systems and plays an especially critical role in products involving wired or wireless connectivity. Embedded software is inherently coupled with the hardware platform on which it runs and shouldn’t be considered in isolation.

Printed Circuit Board Design

We design electronics for wireless and IoT products and platforms, at silicon, PCB, and system levels.

We recognise that the total cost of ownership for such platforms extends far beyond PCB design and components – ease of software development and maintenance, manufacturability, testability, and overall time to market must all be considered.

Mobile Application Development

We build beautiful and highly usable mobile applications for your connected product, on Android and iOS platforms.

Development of robust, reliable, and interoperable mobile connectivity applications requires a deep understanding of the underlying communications protocols, and their implementations and constraints within modern smartphone operating systems.

Radio, RF, and Antenna Systems

We design and tune RF and antenna systems to meet the performance and form-factor needs of your product.

We have considerable experience in the integration of wireless technologies into products, and have assisted in the specification and design of platforms to meet functional, performance, and compliance goals.

Security for Connected Things

We help to ensure your connected devices are robust and secure, and ready for deployment at scale.

We work with OEMs and ODMs at all stages from product conception through to production, and provide expert assistance with technology selection, design/architecture review, implementation, and validation.

Certification and Compliance

We help you navigate the path to product certification, through proper design, and pre-certification testing.

We have the expertise, systems, and equipment necessary to assist you in identifying, preparing for, and achieving the type approval and interoperability certifications that are important for your product.


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