• Radio, RF, and Antenna Systems

    Radio, RF, and Antenna Systems

    For product vendors incorporating wireless technologies, RF signal integrity and antenna design challenges present a minefield where revision, re-certification, and lost opportunity costs can become immense. Virscient can help you understand the challenges, and get your design right first time.

  • Embedded Software

    Embedded Software

    Software lies at the heart of all modern electronic systems, and plays an especially critical role in products involving wired or wireless connectivity. Virscient is skilled in the design, development, and validation of embedded software systems for application in a range of markets.

  • Electronic Engineering

    Electronic Engineering

    Modern products in a range of markets draw benefit from the integration of intelligent electronics and wireless connectivity. Virscient is helping our customers specify, design, and productionise electronic systems that bring powerful new functionality and usage models to their target markets.

  • Security for Connected Things

    Security for Connected Things

    Ensuring information security, robustness, and resilience is a critical consideration for platform and product vendors targeting Internet of Things applications. Virscient can help ensure your connected devices are robust and secure, and ready for deployment at scale.

  • Certification and Regulatory Compliance

    Certification and Regulatory Compliance

    Electronic products are subject to a bewildering array of type approval and interoperability certifications in order to gain access to market. Virscient can help identify the relevant programmes and requirements, and prepare your product so that these present no impediment to its success.

  • Network and Internet Systems

    Network and Internet Systems

    Connected products require robust and efficient communication protocols across all layers of the network stack. Virscient offers significant experience in the design, modelling, and implementation of systems and protocols to enable device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity.