Secure, connected platforms are enabling fast time-to-market for innovative new products in a range of markets.

For vendors deploying products into a particular market segment, connectivity platforms can provide a cost-effective way to accelerate time-to-market through reuse of proven and validated intellectual property. By investing in development of reusable hardware and software subsystems that solve the connectivity challenges particular to their market vertical, innovative companies can focus on their point of difference, and consistently beat their competitors to market with new product variants and revisions.

Depending on target volumes and certification requirements, a range of solutions from reference designs right through to system modules may be appropriate. Regardless of form, to ensure success of the end-product it is critical to take care in the design, implementation, and validation of this connectivity subsystem. Reliability and security aspects are key considerations that require use of robust processes and systems during development and test phases.

Virscient can help to develop hardware and software reference designs, and implementation guidelines that will allow your product teams to focus on their areas of core expertise. Our broad cross-layer and cross-technology knowledge allows us to identify and implement solutions that are carefully matched to your application requirements. Our experience in developing connectivity solutions for mass-market production enables us to deploy automated validation techniques that can give you confidence in the platform upon which you will innovate.

Our skills will take you from requirements capture and technology selection, through solution validation to mass production. Our level of involvement can be set to match your needs, from provision of technology training and expert consultancy right through to taking full responsibility for implementation of your connectivity subsystem.