Connectivity enriches our interactions with the products prevalent in our daily lives.​

The impact of wireless technologies on our lives is nowhere more visible than in their application in the consumer products we rely on daily.

Our Approach

The impact of wireless technologies on our lives is nowhere more visible than in their application in the consumer products we rely on daily. From smartphones, internet TVs, media players, and hi-fi systems, through smart appliances and to wearables such as smart watches and intelligent garments, wireless connectivity plays a key role in enabling seamless information exchange to drive new use cases bringing cost savings and increased convenience to our everyday lives.
Wireless distribution of images, audio, and video is a central application in the consumer space, but has particular quality of service requirements that demand informed performance/cost trade-offs in the connectivity subsystem. At the other end of the spectrum wearable applications use limited bandwidth, but have stringent power consumption requirements that require careful technology selection and optimisation of implementations. Across applications, interoperability is critical, with consumer products being deployed into a high-volume market in which they must play well with solutions from many different vendors.
Integrated connectivity allows form-factor-constrained consumer devices to provide rich virtual user interfaces via the ubiquitous smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, consumer applications have firm cost and resource constraints that demand connectivity solutions built for volume production. Technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, and WiGig are key enablers for wireless connectivity in the consumer space, and each fulfil a particular role in the connected consumer ecosystem.

Our work

Virscient is experienced in producing and integrating wireless connectivity solutions for high-volume consumer application. We have the expertise necessary to assess and select technologies, and develop subsystems to address the connectivity requirements of modern consumer devices. Taking connected products to mass-production requires particular attention to validation, and Virscient has the systems and process that will help give you confidence in the security and robustness of your solutions.

We made
Bluetooth Audio
work for Earshots using Qualcomm QCC5141

Earshots asked us to help them deliver a high-quality true wireless stereo (TWS) earbud experience for triathletes, multi-sporters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We developed a low-power embedded solution that meets the punishing demands of outdoor use, delivers great audio quality, and offers more than 10 hours battery life.


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