Network and Internet Systems


Connected products require robust and efficient communication protocols across all layers of the network stack. Virscient offers significant experience in the design, modelling, and implementation of systems and protocols to enable device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity.

A surprisingly large number of network protocols make up the communications stack in a typical connected device. Overall performance of the product is highly dependent on the behaviour of and interaction between these layers. From link layer to application layer, particular experience and expertise is required to ensure interoperable, reliable, and secure connectivity from device-to-device, or from device-to-cloud.

The target application has a significant impact on the engineering decisions that must be made throughout individual network stacks and in determining overall network architecture. Systems tasked with real-time or non-real-time media transfer frequently have throughput and/or latency targets that require a performance-optimised communications data-path. Other devices have power or resource constraints that are best served by cross-layer optimisation of the network stack with these parameters in mind. In all cases, security and reliability of the implementation is a key concern.

Virscient has expertise in the design and development of communications protocols at all layers of the network stack. We can assist with protocol design or selection, implementation, validation, and performance optimisation. We use advanced simulation and modeling techniques to predict the performance of networks varying in complexity from individual links right up to those comprising thousands or millions of nodes.

Virscient can help to design and optimise your network stack and application layer protocols to meet your product requirements, regardless of what these may be. We have the expertise and systems to help you optimise for power consumption, resource usage, or various aspects of quality of service (QoS). Whether you are considering an interoperable standards-based system, or a proprietary solution built for your specific application, we can help to create your market-leading product.